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Our Team.

More about us - Anya and Patrick


We will explain to you more about what exactly both of us do in running our business and how our strengths work extremely well together to build and create travel plans for you.  

We build the perfect travel itineraries through accommodating for all types of budgets and interests. We pride ourselves on catering for all due to both of our interests being so different. 

Beautiful Landscape

Patrick is the main social media influence with our brand and treats it as his own baby. At moments, I actually think he may think it is his baby. 

He is extremely passionate on travelling around the world and creativity influences his photography and videography skills in many ways. 

His ability to write detailed blogs has meant that he has been recognised by other influential bloggers and media marketing companies from other continents. 

With all these skills being self-taught, he really has taken to it incredibly well and there is never a day where he doesn't want to keep honing his skills.   

Anya is the creative flair that keeps Activity Traveller fresh and current.

Her knowledge of digital media and its landscape is next level. She knows it so well, that she teaches it as a subject. 

Her passion to travel and see the world from a young age, has meant that she knows Europe extremely well but has grand plans to explore the other continents. 

Anya is a beautiful model that makes taking her photo extremely easy and that is why when on our travels, she works the camera so well. Absolute natural in front of the camera and it was definitely learnt from her mother. 

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