Montenegro, or Crna Gora, is known for its dark green mountains and breathtaking beaches. 
This is a country that has not yet broken the major tourism industry, which is great as the tourists are gradually arriving and the scenery is still spectacular and unspoilt. 
Anya has spent years organising trips in Montenegro and can book activities that can cater for your individual and group needs. 
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With 31 years of knowledge in our armoury, we are extremely well versed to plan your boat tour of the Adriatic Sea and along the shores of Montenegro.
With the country being so rich in history and culture, all can be seen from the water. 
Let us make your holiday the best one that you've ever had!


Restaurants in Montenegro are known for having some of the best food out of the Balkan countries. With the backdrop of the mountains and the calm, settled sea, you really can't pick a better place to delve into some of the country's specialities.

With a wealth of knowledge of Montenegro, we can help devise your holiday or trip to include some worth while restaurants suited to your likes and avoid your dislikes.

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With Montenegro being such a vast country to travel around and visit the wonders that it has in-store, what better way than to be shone around by someone that knows the very best places to head to, best times and routes to take. It will be the trip that you have ever taken!

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