Dubrovnik has the 'WOW' factor that seems to blow anyone away when first feasting their eyes on to its beautiful old town. The old town's limestone streets, baroque buildings and the spectacular glistening from the Adriatic Sea, makes you reflect on life with every step. 
The city's walls really blew us away with them seaming as if they had fallen from heaven. The ancient walls have protected the capital from centuries of war and the Activity Traveller agents have an untold amount of knowledge of this city and the best tour guides in Dubrovnik.
Look no further than our specialists that have 31 years of travel experience in Croatia. We will take care of all the details!

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One of the most successful tv programmes in the world was filmed predominantly in Dubrovnik and has become a hotspot for seeing 'Kings Landing' that featured so many times in the series.
With our attention to detail and thorough experience with Dubrovnik and Croatia, we have the very best contacts to show you the series featured areas.


Croatia is so rich in history and the boat tour allows you to see and learn about so much that happened and still goes on along the cost of Croatia. 
As well as catching some sun and having the wind flow through your hair, you can see Dubrovnik and the islands from a different perspective. 
We really recommend our knowledgable and experienced boat tour partners to make sure that you have the best time at sea.

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If ever there is was a place where people had so much pride in the food that they cook, then Croatia is one of those places. 
Top restaurants are found dotted around Dubrovnik and then more so ones that are hidden, have been found to be some of the best. 
With the knowledge that our agents have built up of the Balkan countries for over 31 years, they are exactly the kind of people that you need to help you build the perfect holidays. 
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