Thinking pristine sandy beaches, blue water and palm trees?

Want to indulge yourself in gourmet food and shopping?

Love clear skies and sunshine?

There are many exciting and unique attractions in Dubai. And you might be surprised to learn that it is completely family-friendly to visit. No matter what your interests, when you travel to Dubai, you'll find something to thrill you!

Dubai is the perfect vacation destination, especially in the Northern Hemisphere winter months.

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If you are looking for a unique and exciting experience, then our Desert Safari Tour is a great option. Our agents will take care of all the details.
Get in touch for more information and to reserve a spot.


You are in Dubai as a resident or on holiday, where are the ladies nights for this evening or for the whole week. 
You have come to the best place, we can reserve you a space at some of Dubai trendiest nightspots and you will be treated like royalty.


The sun is out, you are here to enjoy every second of your holiday ... then why not head down to a beach club for that perfect music vibe, whilst ordering the very best food. 
There are many in Dubai and we can reserve you a spot at one of the many beach clubs, dependent on what you are looking for.

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To venture out on the Persian Gulf to observe some of the most incredible landmarks on this Earth, then hiring a boat at Dubai Marina is the perfect choice. 
Our Activity Traveller agents have the very best contacts that have been tried and tested, that allows your boat trip to be the day out with absolutely no hassle. 
Get in touch for more information and to reserve a boat.


The best food in the world is in Dubai! 
Whether your mind tells you to go for a Japanese, Italian, Lebanese, Asian, English or Spanish restaurant, then you have come to the right place. 
Activity Traveller has contacts based in many of the top restaurants and can make sure that you will be telling all your friends back home about the Pad Thai that you had overlooking Dubai Marina. 
We can help take any stress away with booking and reserving the very best tables for your needs.



If you are looking for a jaw-dropping and thrilling experience, then our Jet skis and Water sports option is for you.


You can make your way from the Burj Al Arab, to Atlantis and round to the Dubai Marina for the trip of all trips, whilst stopping for that unique photo opportunity. 

You will be led by an experienced instructor, that will be on hand for the safety purpose and photo opportunities. 

It really is an activity that will live long in the memories of seeing some of the spectacular landmarks of Dubai.

Water Sports

We have some of the most exciting water sports in Dubai. 

We specialise in parasailing, fly board and banana boat rides, to add that fun activity factor to your itinerary. 

All of these have been tried and tested by us and also many others, that also speak very highly of the activities. 


Ever thought of yourself as a bit of a daredevil or just want to try something new and exciting?

We have one of the best Zip Lines in the World, let alone just Dubai.

Ride the incredible Line Dubai Marina Zip Line and savour the descent across the beautiful marina. 

You can ride or solo or share the experience with a loved one or friend. 

This really is an awesome experience, that makes Dubai life exhilarating and unique. 


The Dubai residency show has brought a different type of performance by integrating 2.7 million litres of water in to an acrobatic performance that leaves the viewers at the end of their seats. 

Witness the first-of-its-kind aqua theatre that magically transforms from being a dry to wet show within seconds and has performers partaking in death-defying dives from as high as 35 meters. 

It would be a huge disappointment if you were in Dubai and you didn't let us organise this show for you. 



Experience the ultimate skydiving adventure in Dubai by undertaking the Tandem Skydive. 
You will skydive down over the Palm Jumierah and have panoramic views over the whole of Dubai, which really is something that makes the whole flight worth it. 
You will also receive photos and a special video of the full flight on this once in a lifetime experience.


How about being at the top of the World's Tallest Building and watching the most incredible sunset over the Dubai skyline!

The Burj Khalifa is an experience like no other. It reaches higher than any other building and is coveted in luxury from top to bottom, you will be amazed through the whole experience. 

We can organise your trip to this special landmark and make it one to remember, so book with us today!


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