About us

Paddy & Anya 👫

A little bit on us ...

We are both full-time teachers based in Dubai, I know what you are thinking - and yes we are very cool!

We have both been living in Dubai since 2018 and what an incredible adventure it has been so far. We can both really seeing Dubai being a hub for a lot of travelling for us over the next few years. 

If you have not been to Dubai, then we couldn't talk it up even more, we ABSOLUTELY love every second of living here. 

Our Passions

  • Travel - Every inch of the globe is on the 'to visit' list

  • Food - Absolutely all of it 

  • Photography/Content Creating

  • Yoga

  • New Experiences - Mostly based around activities (Skydiving, Ziplining, Mountaineering, ANYTHING)

  • Exercise has to be a main staple, otherwise the food would swallow us whole 😂

Our adventures have led us to be the content creators for our other account @placestovisitindubai, if you are thinking about what to do in Dubai and need some guidance. Visit us there too 💫

That's a little bit about us and our 6 main passions in life. 

We hope that you can get a lot from our IG account @activitytraveller and if not, our website will show and tell you about all of our experiences. 

Paddy & Anya x